Symantec Network Forensics: Security Analytics

Get complete security visibility, advanced network forensic analysis, and real-time threat detection with enriched, full-packet capture

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Comprehensive Network Traffic Analysis and Forensics to Expose the Source and Scope of Any Attack

Like a security camera or DVR for your network.

Symantec Security Analytics delivers enriched, full-packet capture for full network security visibility, advanced network forensics, anomaly detection, and real-time content inspection for all network traffic. Armed with this detailed record, you can conduct forensic investigations, respond quickly to incidents, and resolve breaches in a fraction of the time you would spend with conventional processes. Security Analytics is an advanced network traffic analysis and forensic tool enabling you to:

  • Thoroughly analyze all network traffic
  • See the full source and scope of cyber attacks and respond faster
  • Arm incident response teams with clear, concise answers and forensic evidence
  • Use unrivaled data enrichment and cyber threat intelligence
  • Add context to existing security tools
  • Integrate with Symantec solutions to extend investigations across network, endpoint and email

Know Your Security Risks at the Push of a Button

Get advanced network traffic analysis and forensics to see what's happening on your network.

Simply deploy Security Analytics appliance or virtual appliance on your network and capture traffic. Let it run for a few days, then push a button and generate a comprehensive PDF report that covers full network traffic analysis and critical areas including:

  • Predicted file count hidden in encrypted traffic
  • The amount of encrypted traffic crossing your network
  • Risky applications on the network
  • Anomalous network behavior based on a benchmark of your actual traffic
  • An executive summary to share with security team or management so you can prioritize activities

Four Years in a Row Symantec Selected as the Top Leader in Radicati's APT Protection Market Quadrant 2019 report

The Radicati group views the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection market as a set of integrated solutions for the detection, prevention and possible remediation of zero-day threats and persistent malicious attacks. Once again, Symantec Security Analytics plays a critical role in Symantec's being selected as the Top Leader in their 2019 report.

Go Beyond Manual Forensics and Packet Capture

Transform manual forensic data analysis into advanced network traffic analysis and automated incident response.

With a fully enriched "system of record," your incident response teams will reduce time to resolution and answer the what, when, and how of any security incident. Find answers through comprehensive network traffic analysis and forensic evidence, including root-cause exploration, deep packet inspection, integrated reputation services and data enrichment, and advanced context-based reporting on malicious activity.

  • Enrich all traffic data with the latest cyber threat intelligence
  • Rely on multiple reputation sources
  • Perform sophisticated anomaly detection
  • Scan SCADA protocols
  • Extract and broker only truly unknown files for sandbox analysis to save resources

Threat Hunting: A Proactive Approach to Forensic Investigation and Cybersecurity

Why react when you can act?

With Symantec Security Analytics, your IT security team gets forensic tools and traffic analysis to proactively search for potential hidden threats and potential gaps across your network, endpoint and servers, to identify and remove advanced threats before they can launch an attack.

  • Expose the source and scope of a developing attack with unrivalled data enrichment and threat intelligence
  • Uncover hidden threats in encrypted traffic when deployed with Symantec SSL Visibility
  • Reduce time-to-resolution with sophisticated anomaly detection and advanced network forensics
  • What's the difference between Incident Response and Threat Hunting? Read the blog.

Uncover Security Threats Hiding in Encrypted Traffic

Gain total visibility into network traffic by deploying with Symantec SSL Visibility.

Use Symantec Security Analytics to enable meticulous network forensics and monitoring across all network traffic, thousands of applications, dozens of file transports, all flows, and all packets—including encrypted traffic when deployed with Symantec SSL Visibility. Gain total forensic data analysis of your network traffic with actionable intelligence so you can quickly shut down exposure and mitigate ongoing risk.

  • Conduct complete network traffic analysis, even on encrypted data
  • See detailed insights from all forensic captures
  • Establish policies to selectively decrypt SSL traffic
  • Share encrypted traffic insight with your security applications

Free Security Analytics Virtual Appliance Trial

Register for a free 30-day trial of the Security Analytics Virtual Appliance and discover the power of advanced network traffic analysis and network forensics to see, understand, and respond to advanced targeted attacks on your network.

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Security Analytics

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Radicati APT Protection Market Quadrant 2019

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